Monday, August 23, 2010

What the doctor said...

Well, we finally had our 9 month well-child appointment on Monday. It kept getting rescheduled for some reason! Adeline checked out as healthy as can be.
Her stats are as follows:
  • Weight: 18lb, 6oz - 50%
  • Head circumference: 18 inches - 55%
  • Height: 29.75 inches - 95%
Everything looks great. She's pulling up and cruising just like she should be. The doctor said she looks for babies to have 1-2 words by the time they're a year old, so Adeline is ahead of schedule on that. She said I shouldn't worry about her not clapping since she's feeding herself, transferring objects from one hand to another, etc. She looked in Adeline's mouth and found 8 teeth! I thought she only had 4! I guess she's counting teeth as soon as she can see them under the gums. She has 4 on bottom & 4 on top! Poor baby got her toe pricked to check her iron levels and they were great, so no need for any supplements. She didn't even whimper, either. The doctor also said to start giving her breast milk in the straw sippy cup when I'm away instead of in a bottle. Nana will give that a try this week. (I wrote this on Monday. Nana did give it a try, it didn't go so well.) She also said I could start mixing in whole cow's milk with her breast milk bottles around 10 months. However, I have so much breast milk saved that I'll probably wait a little longer for that. I do plan to stop nursing by the time she's a year old, though. Adeline has some pretty bad excema on her cheeks and the folds of her arms and legs. She gave me some sample prescription cream for that. We'll give it a try and see if it helps. She said no need for food allergy testing now because she's so young and will probably grow out of whatever is causing the cheeks to flair up. I think that's all.

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  1. I just went to the dr for the mastitis I got this week and I talked to her about the whole cows milk thing and I didn't realize that people would give their kids milk instead of formula (or breastmilk) because its cheaper! I felt very stupid and should not admit it to you online like this but I felt the need. I also wanted to say I am so jealous of your supply! Do you have a water bottle that you use? I have had a water bottle with a straw since before Roman and he sees me use it daily and then when I let him try it he did spit (still does) it out but if he is thirsty he will drink from it (and a sippy and cup too).