Monday, August 2, 2010

Summer Nights

It has been H-O-T here! We tried our best to stay cool this weekend, but one must leave the house sometime. Saturday we went to the farmer's market to get me some honey and Adeline a few veggies, then we hurried home to the AC. We all took a long nap, then Uncle Jarrod came over for dinner. We made homemade nachos and all the yumminess that goes with that. We gave Adeline some chunks of avocado to feed herself. She loved it, but made a huge mess. We felt the easiest way to get her clean was to take her outside and let her play in her pool. We stripped her down and put on a swim diaper and headed out. However, now that she can crawl, she doesn't really want to stay put in the pool. She crawled all over the freshly mowed lawn and got covered in grass. She also crawled right over the the bowl of watermelon we were eating and helped herself.
It was a fun evening. The days will only be hotter this week, so we plan to stay inside as much as possible.

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