Monday, August 16, 2010

We like to party...

We had a day full of partying yesterday. It started off with a sprinkle for Desty & Travis at Jason's Deli.
Little Miss being so good
Davin & Payton
Stacy & Parker
Abby & Ava & Desty
Heather, Zach & Hailey
Michele, Aubrie & Kirk
The Colemans: Adam, Helga, & Noah
My 2 loves
I was supposed to go to Jennifer & Jillian's shower in the afternoon, but didn't make it because I was getting ready for our evening. We threw a going-away party for Nick & Brandi Simpson. We grilled hamburgers & hot dogs & played some ladder ball and had an all around good time.
I didn't get a picture of the couple together, but I got a pic of all the girls.
It cooled off drastically yesterday, so it was so nice sitting outside & playing some ladder ball. We will miss you so much, Nick & Brandi!

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  1. Party Animals! We loved hanging out with our new friends for lunch! See you again soon.