Sunday, August 29, 2010

Let the Good Times Roll

We've had a busy, fun-filled weekend. We started off Friday by having a play date with Rebekah & Cilla. As soon as we got there, Adeline headed straight to the toy closet and started pulling things out.
Cilla tried to teach Adeline to clap
We had such a great time and Adeline played so hard that she took a great nap that afternoon. (I may or may not have napped too.) That night we went out on another family date. We ate dinner at Hammon Tree's on Dixon and Adeline got to order her very first meal of her own at a restaurant! We got her half a grilled cheese and she ate about 1/3 of it, but absolutely loved it!
For dessert, we walked to Moonberries (Orange Mango) and enjoyed some yummy yogurt. Afterwards, we went to Wilson Park and walked around.
I just love our little family nights out! Later that evening, I met Shannon for a late movie. This is the second time we've done this, and even though it makes for a late night, I've decided it's the perfect time for a movie with a friend. I can still spend the evening with my honey and my sweet girl and still enjoy some Mommy time after they're all tucked in.

Saturday, we got up and hit some garage sales that were going on in our neighborhood then we made some yummy blueberry pancakes for breakfast. We made a little baby one for Adeline and she devoured it. She's not supposed to eat berries yet, so hers just had a tiny bit of blueberry juice in it. While we were cooking breakfast, Adeline started clapping! In my dad's words, "Now her OT Momma can hold her head up at work."

Later that morning, Jon's parents were in town so we spent some time with them. She showed off her accessorizing skills.
While Adeline napped, my MIL and I went to the new JoAnn's in Fayetteville. She is making Adeline a dress to wear for her first birthday, and a few other cute things. We had lots of fabric to buy. Shannon also met us there to shop for some future projects she has up her sleeves. :) That night, Jon's and Jarrod's families came over for a big fish fry. Adeline got to try her first piece of fried fish and she loved it! (I know you're thinking "what doesn't this child love" & I hope it stays that way!) She ate an entire piece of catfish herself.
Showing off her clapping skills (& teeth) in the bathtub.
Adeline with her Tiny & Big T before church. Jon's mom is so talented. She made this little dress for Adeline!
We had our usual Sunday afternoon with a big nap and frozen pizza in front of the TV. My life is so full of happiness every day and I am so very thankful to God!

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