Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Fun

Come back, weekend! Where did you go?

We started off our weekend by going out on a date as a family. Jon, Adeline, and I ate an early dinner at Marketplace (yummy!). While we were there, we decided to see if Adeline could drink out of a straw. She tried for about 5 seconds, then she got it! She couldn't get enough and we were so proud. I called both the grandmas right then to tell them her new trick. Jon was even so proud of her that he let her take a swig of sweet tea. Afterwards, we took dinner to Katie & Jason and their sweet boys. Then we went out for ice cream. It was a perfect evening.

Saturday, I had to work for a little while at HealthSouth. Jon's sister and brother-in-law came in town, so they got to visit some while I was at work. When I got home, we all took a little nap, then Shane, Juliet, Kiersten, & Emil came back over for Juliet's birthday dinner.
Adeline really enjoyed playing with her Uncle Emil.
And hanging out with her Aunt Kiersten
Juliet turned the big 3-0! We had some yummy stir fry and then everyone but Adeline and I went to the Demolition Derby. My sweet girl and I enjoyed a quiet evening of bonding at home. I decided it was time to step it up in the baby food making. I made her some turnips with broccoli and parmesan cheese. The recipe called for parsnips, but the grocery store didn't have any. I used turnips instead.
The turnips are in chunks and the broccoli is pureed. I think she likes the flavor, but is not so sure about the chunks.
Adeline has learned how to carry things while crawling, or using her hands in any way. I guess Tulip taught her to use her mouth. I think it's adorable!
I just love this sweet face.

Sunday at church we had our big Fall Kickoff Sunday. Bobby Bowden came to speak and we were asked to wear our favorite team's shirt. You better believe we represented the Horned Frogs! (Not Jon, just A and me.)
Getting ready
Posing together

After church, we had a big tailgate party. We took some teenage brothers I know with us for the fun. Adeline just loves them! They do a great job of entertaining her in the car.
We had a good time, but it was so hot. We napped, then woke up to a fussy baby. She must be getting another tooth because it's been rough today, too. We're headed now to her 9 month well-child check-up. Will give stats later! But first, I must leave you with a cute picture of my other daughter!


  1. Yum on the baby food. Ozark Natural Foods has parsnips, if you start looking for some. S looooves them. You may have to send me the recipe--how did she do with the parm cheese?

  2. Did you do organic cheese? I forget if you are doing organic. I have not given Roman cheese yet! I feel like he is growing up so fast and I am not sure what age certain things are okay for him to eat. Its weird! :) I have known cheese it okay but just have yet to do it. He likes his baby yogurt though.