Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Resolutions

I have several resolutions for this year.  I put them on here in hopes of it keeping me more accountable for them.  :)

  1. Spend more time in God's word
  2. Spend less money (We're trying to spend $100 or less every week at the grocery store & only eat out once a week)
  3. Keep my house cleaner (I made a weekly chore chart with 2 things to accomplish every day except for Sunday)  If I can keep this up my house will be super clean!
Adeline also has a New Year's Resolution....

  1. Stop drinking from a bottle.  
She takes a bottle of breast milk 3 times a day.  Once when she first wakes up, once before her afternoon nap, and another before bed.  Today we tried giving her the milk in a sippy cup with her lunch instead of right before nap.  She drank about half of it.  We tried the other half again right before nap and she only took a few sips.  She went down for her nap easily, but only slept 45 minutes!  I'm hoping that it was not bottle related, but I'm sure it was.  We'll see how things go tonight and tomorrow.  Please comment or email me with any tips on this situation.


  1. I know you're trying to stick with breast milk, but have you tried cow's milk in a cup? Since it's something totally new and different, she might take it from a cup, especially since she already takes juice from a cup. She might associate the breast milk with the bottle and sucking (more like the real thing!)

    I want to know about your chore chart! I've got to do something. My house is out of control!

  2. happy new year...
    i have a little girl who is about a month oldern than Adeline
    we give her a cup a milk at the same times of day that you do. i have assigned certain cups for milk and certain for milk. I use rubber tip ones for water and the hard tips for milk.It took her a good week to drink all of her milk. she will get it dont stress!!!!

  3. I found a sippy cup that is great! I don't know if you have tried it it's a nuby. It has a soft silicone tip that is more like a bottle then a sippy cup. BUT its not a bottle! Roman refuses to tip it to drink from it.. why he never drank from a bottle himself. He loves cows milk! I think more then breast milk. Maybe. How much more do you have to use? Maybe you can start giving her cows milk for lunch in a cup and keep the other two like normal. There is another cup I think its Dr. Moms that is a good cup too, but its hard not soft.

  4. I've tried cow's milk, but she broke out in a rash. I'm waiting a little longer to try again. I think she's doing better today. Thanks for all the advice!