Monday, January 17, 2011

Busy Week

Since the snow melted it seems like we've been going non-stop!  I'll document our week with a few pictures..

Loving her Magna-Doodle

Wednesday she really started liking her Rody that Jon and I got her for her birthday.  I think this is the cutest thing!

Thursday she woke up with some major bed-head!

I took some "before" & "after" pictures.  Her hair is getting so long!  It won't be long before I have to learn how to fix hair better.  :)

Friday we woke up to a beautiful sunrise.  
 If we have beauty like this on Earth, I can only imagine what Heaven is like!
 Then we read about some dogs (her favorite book) and played while we waited for Shannon to come over to pick me up.  Shannon and I left Friday morning and headed to Dallas for a quick shopping trip.  We spent the night with my friend Amanda and her husband and shopped at North Park Mall that night. Saturday we got up bright and early and got to IKEA before it opened.  We shopped there until mid-afternoon then headed back home.  We got home in time to put both our sweet babies to bed.  Jon sent me a few pictures of my sweet girl and himself while I was away.

 He puts her in these overalls every time I'm not around..haha.  They're officially too short now and have been retired!
 I bought lots of fun stuff at IKEA, but this is the only picture I have so far.  I got this chair in an antique finish.  It sits at a regular kitchen table and it's for kids once they're old enough to understand to sit still, but still not old enough (or big enough) to sit in a regular chair.  We are waiting to put it together.
 On the drive home we saw this beautiful sunset.  I know, lots of pretty skies this weekend!

Sunday, we skipped out on church because I was absolutely exhausted and Adeline is still getting over a cough.  I didn't want to make it worse by being around other sick kiddos at church.  We hung out some with Shane & Juliet and spent the rest of the day together being lazy.  Isn't my girl cute in her Rose Bowl shirt from her Great Aunt Carolyn?  I just love it!

Today we've had our usual Monday and I haven't gotten any pictures.  Adeline is napping now and I think I'm about to go do the same.  :)

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