Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Single Friend - Hold Onto Your Hearts, Men

Let me introduce to you my very dear friend, Rachel!

She is a remarkable woman.  Let me just explain how:

  1. She graduated from Texas A&M in 2007 with a degree in Psychology (she was Valedictorian of her HS class in 2003)
  2. After college she joined Teach for America & moved to Charlotte, NC where she impressed so many with her smarts that she was quickly promoted to Program Director at Teach for America and currently lives in Dallas, TX
  3. Her hobbies/interests include: reading, learning to cook, playing The Michael Jackson Experience on Wi, listening to hip hop music, & refining her sense of humor
  4. The things she looks for most in a man are: a love Jesus, sense of humor, confidence, passion about what he does, ambition, tall, athletic, enjoys watching sports, willing to travel but likes being at home too, & family oriented
Rachel is the middle child of 5.  Her father is a Baptist preacher and her mother is a music lover who now lives with Jesus.  She is loyal and trustworthy and loves those in her life with great passion.  She will do anything for anyone.  She is ambitious, hilarious, & a thinker.  Her personality will make your heart smile!  (And you can see for yourself that she's gorgeous)

Please comment or contact me if you or a friend of yours might be interested in getting to know Rachel:


  1. just stumbled upon your blog. i love the header!! rachel seems like a great catch. i pray the perfect worthy man comes her way.

  2. Great blog about a great girl! Any guy would be crazy to pass up a chance to meet Rachel! I, too, pray the perfect man comes her way!
    I love you both!

  3. Hi! I came to this post from Kelly's Korner. My good friend, Mike just turned 23 and is in Houston. After graduating with a double major in Christianity and Biblical Languages from HBU last fall, he has become our (small) church's lead pastor. He is an amazing guy and I'd love to set him up on a date. If your friend is interested, just send me an email - We can work out the details with whatever she's comfortable with.