Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quiet Weekend

This weekend has consisted of not much of anything, and it has been just about perfect!  We started off Friday morning filling up the bird feeder in preparation for the snow we're hopefully going to get.

 Check out her new snow boots

Then we had breakfast & got dressed & ready to go to the doctor.  Adeline has had a cough and a runny nose for 2 weeks now so I was starting to worry.  The doctor said it was nothing, probably just allergies and sent us on our way.  The following pictures were taken before we left.  She has discovered the plastic bags!

I had to work on Saturday, so Jon and Adeline had a Father/Daughter Day.  He snapped several pictures of her eating lunch and making funny faces.

 And some of her chasing poor Tulip....
 That night we met the Davises for dinner and did a bit of shopping for some crafty projects I'm working on.

This morning we braved the cold & went to church, but not before Adeline drank her bottle.  Yes, I know, her resolution isn't going so well.  I've decided not to stress over it.  I don't want to make her grow up too fast.  I usually hold her and snuggle her while she drinks her bottle and I'm not quite ready to give that up.  This morning, however, I had to get ready so she fed herself on our bed.  I thought she looked so big!

 In her pretty snow white dress for church.  We are supposed to get snow tonight into tomorrow night and I sure hope we do.  I'd love an extra day at home with my girl on Tuesday!
 This afternoon we all napped and just lounged around the house.  It's too cold to go anywhere!

We've been working on animal sounds lately and I finally got some on video today:

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  1. Nana's little ladybug is sure growing up fast! I love the funny faces. The first one made me laugh. She looks really mad.
    Tulip is such a good dog to take such abuse.
    I love your sweet little family, everyone of you!!