Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yay!  We got some snow!  It's nothing compared to some of the snows we got last year (I'm still holding out hope for one of those this year), but it got me out of work today.  :)  It snowed some Sunday evening, so Adeline and I played in it some yesterday morning.

After she fell she couldn't get back up very easily in all her layers and big snow boots so we went inside because I knew her hands must be freezing (she would NOT keep mittens on).

We didn't try out the sled yesterday because we wanted Daddy to be here for the first sled ride, but by the time he got home from work, all the snow had melted!  I was so bummed, but woke up very joyful this morning because MORE SNOW!  And I didn't have to go to work, so even better!  We didn't want to make the same mistake as yesterday, and Daddy gave us the ok, so we took the sled for a spin this morning.

I realize she's wearing the same thing as her pics from yesterday, but that's because it's the warmest thing she's got right now.  We have a snow suit ordered that is supposed to be delivered today, but may be delayed because of the weather.  :(  Anyway, it's only 15 degrees here and isn't supposed to get out of the 20s all day so I'm thinking the snow will still be around when Jon gets home from work.  If so, we'll go sledding again.  Adeline LOVES the snow.  Or maybe she just loves being outside, but we walked up and down our street this morning and her little nose & cheeks were so red so I brought her in, but she threw a big fit!  I told her we had to warm up & we'd go back out again later.  Now she's happy enjoying a video in her comfy new chair.  

I'm loving my snow day so much!

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  1. Roman HATEs mittens and hats. HATES THEM. He pulls them both off but he also loves to be outside. We have a very warm snow suit for babies, it covers the hands and feet with little booty looking things but you can unsnap them and take them off too. The first time he had it one he kept falling and could not get up, it was pretty funny.