Friday, April 27, 2012

The Girls?

Who kept your girls while you were in Vegas?  Several of you have asked me this question.  Well, their Nana and Tiny kept them, of course!  Once again, I'm so thankful Jon and I are from the same hometown and that our parents get along so well.  My mom and Jon's mom rode up here together to keep the girls while we went to Vegas.  They sent us lots of pictures while we were away to ensure us they were okay.

They all had such a great time together and Annabel did remarkably well drinking a bottle the whole time.  This is what I was afraid of the most since she usually never takes a bottle since I'm always with her.  We are so blessed to have the two most wonderful grandmas in the world!

I kept Adeline home from KDO on Monday since I missed her so much.  I didn't want to take her after just getting back the night before.  We hung out at home and took Annabel to the doctor for her second ailment of the month...upper respiratory infection.  I feel like she's been sick all of April!  She got an antibiotic, though, and seems to be doing much better.  All the blisters from the hand-foot-mouth disease have healed except for just a lot of peeling skin hanging off her fingers and toes that I have to keep clipping.  

Adeline had fun playing with her daddy's glasses.

Annabel checking herself out in the mirror.

Adeline and I had some fizzy fine motor fun while Annabel napped.

Tuesday was a stay-at-home day except for dance rehearsal that afternoon.

Wednesday we tried to go to the library for story time, but they're taking a break until June.  So we met Daddy at the park for a picnic lunch.  The girls loved feeding all the new baby ducks.

Thursday we went to visit Shannon, Westin, and Reagan, but I didn't get any pictures.  Reagan slept the whole time we were there, but I still got to hold her.  She's so tiny and beautiful.  It's hard to remember mine ever being that small! Yesterday evening we had dress rehearsal for Adeline's dance recital.  She did so well.  I'm afraid she used up all her good behavior at the rehearsal and tonight will be a disaster....haha!  I sure hope not, though.  We've got grandparents all the way from Texas coming in to watch.  

Here's a sneak peek at our little ballerina.  

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