Saturday, April 28, 2012

Adeline's First Dance Recital

Adeline had her very first dance recital last night.  She couldn't have danced more perfectly!  It made me so happy that I cried through the whole thing.  It was one of those moments where I was just in awe, amazement, and gratitude that God blessed me with such a sweet, beautiful, smart little girl.

Adeline dances through our church program and I really love it.  They put the main emphasis on praising God through dance and songs.  All their music is Christian, they pray before and after every practice, and all the recital costumes are modest.  I hate to see little girls dressed up to accentuate their bodies like grown women.  If you live in the area, Cross Church Dance Ministry is an excellent program!  

Adeline had a lot of fans at her recital.  Her Tiny, Uncle Shane, Aunt Juliet, and cousin Murry were in attendance.  Her aunt and uncle brought her flowers.  She loves them!  Tiny gave her an adorable ballet shirt with her name monogrammed on it.

Her Pappy & Nana were also there.  They gave her a little stuffed ballerina bear.

And of course her Daddy & Momma were there.  Little Sister stayed home with our sweet Kalee.  :)

After the recital, we all went to eat at our favorite Italian food place, Joe's.  We continued our celebration with a yummy cake!

I think my dad summed up our evening the best with this text: "Your daughter is an angel!  I loved every minute of tonight!  Good people, good times!"

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