Saturday, April 14, 2012


We've been quarantined in the house since Tuesday.  It all started with a cough.  Adeline has been coughing off and on for about a month.  I figured it was just drainage from allergies.  However, on Tuesday, the cough was a lot worse.  She could barely eat her breakfast she was coughing so much.  So I made an appointment for that afternoon.  He couldn't find anything wrong other than the cough, so prescribed an antibiotic since she'd had it for so long.  While at the doctor, she fell/jumped out of my lap and hit her head on the fire truck exam table.  Could the day get any better?

So anyway, we went home with our meds and continued about our day hoping and praying Annabel wouldn't get sick.  

Then on Wednesday Annabel cried when I tried to feed her lunch.

I thought maybe she just didn't like the peas, but no, something was up.  That night she started running a fever.  I figured she'd just caught whatever cold virus Adeline had.  Then Thursday she woke up with the dreaded....



NOOOOO!  We thought we were in the clear.  Their cousin Murry had been exposed to it at daycare the week before Easter, but we thought that since she still had no signs or symptoms by that Saturday that we were safe to hang out over the weekend.  We were wrong!  Poor Murry also came down with it on Tuesday.  

The pictures of her hands are from today.  On Thursday when she woke up she just had a few little sores on her bottom lip.  Her mouth looks much better today, but her sweet little feet and hands are just covered in big painful-looking blisters.  It's so awful!  However, they don't seem to bother her.  I think only the ones in her mouth are uncomfortable, and those are starting to get better.  So, needless to say, we're stuck in the house until new blisters stop appearing.  I'm about to lose my mind!  But, I think the worst may be over.  She actually slept all night again last night and is starting to eat her baby food again and is happy for the most part.  So far, Adeline has not gotten it.  Maybe she has an immunity built up from last year when she got it.  I sure hope and pray so!  

Want to know what's been keeping me sane during this week of sick babies and cabin fever?

1) Remembering my happy baby from Monday in her precious babushka onesie her Aunt Kiersten made.

2) My peonies starting to bloom.

3)  Peanut butter brownie deliciousness.

4) Annabel learning to pull to stand.

5) Adeline nursing her babies.  Hilarious!

6) A sweet Easter package from their Tater Tot.

7) The look of adoration in Annabel's eyes as she stares at her big sister.

8) The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers.

9) And most of all, the promise of a surprise (I caved & told him) 30th birthday trip for Jon that we're leaving for on THURSDAY!!

Please pray for healing in our house and a safe trip for Jon and I next week!


  1. 1) peonies are my fav!!
    2) it's pretty impressive that A can nurse 2 babies at once. for real.

  2. Oh how miserable!! SO many kids at our church campus have had this. Praying for quick healing!
    I hope you can sneak out a few minutes this weekend alone! Maybe that will help! :)

  3. Oh no, poor babies! I hope they are better super quick!

    I love, love, love the Mark of the Lion series. Like love, love! I stayed up until 3 am on a work night reading when I first went through them!