Thursday, July 19, 2012

Annabel is 10 Months Old!

She's officially been outside my body for longer than she was in it.  Crazy!  I have to say, these 10 months have been much more exciting than the 9 months I was pregnant!

Happy 10 Months, Beautiful

What can you do at 10 months old?

  • You still wear 6-9 month clothes & size 3 diapers.
  • You still take a morning & afternoon nap (1-2 hours each, sometimes more in the afternoon)
  • You can crawl faster than we can keep up.
  • You pull up on everything & cruise around all the furniture.
    • You even walk behind your push toys sometimes.
  • You are down to nursing 5-6 times a day rather than 7
    • You were just fine with going down to 6 times, but still not quite ok with just 5 times
  • Eating solids at all meals & having an afternoon snack
    • You've been kind of sick lately & have not felt like eating solids at all, except for cheese & cheetohs - you absolutely love these!
  • When I'm not here to nurse you, you'd much prefer to drink your milk out of a sippy rather than a bottle.
  • You use toys appropriately.
    • You pretend to talk on toy phones.
    • You pretend to drink out of play cups & hold them to others' mouths so we can pretend, too.
    • You throw balls.
  • You are not as curious as your sister was.  You do not open doors or drawers on your own.  Maybe because Adeline is always doing it for you.
  • You love books & will sit and listen for a long time.  If we let you, you are constantly pulling Daddy's books out of the bookshelf and flipping through them.
  • You want to be where you sister is & doing what she's doing ALL THE TIME.

What can you say at 10 months?

  • You say Daddy, Momma, Bye Bye, Night Night, Book, & Ball.
  • You sign more & all done.
  • You imitate animal sounds.
    • Pig, Dog, Cow, Duck, Sheep

You light up our lives, Annabel.  We love you.  We love you.  We love you!

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