Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Goodbye, June

Our last week of June went a little something like this..

We had friends come over to play on Wednesday 

While Daddy was at IMPACT, the girls pulled out all his books from the bookshelf.  :)

Thursday we all went to Little Rock for Annabel's appointment.  We got some good news!  She's doing so well that she doesn't have to go for another appointment until January!  And, by that point, her electrophysiologist will be traveling to Lowell once a month so no more driving to Little Rock for us.  Hallelujah!!  That night, we played some Wii to get all our wiggles out from being stuck in the car all day.

Then the girls decided they were done wearing clothes for the day.

Friday we met the Davises at the mall for some Gymnastic Joe's, a little carousel riding, and CFA.

Friday evening Nana & Pappy came to town.  Shane, Juliet, and Murry also came over for dinner.

Saturday Annabel felt real crummy and ran a low-grade fever all day.  She spent a lot of time at home with her Daddy and her Pappy while Nana spoiled Adeline and me.

That evening we all went to the Promenade for some shopping and dining.  Nana & Pappy treated their girls to some Build-a-Bears.

Adeline being silly at The Loft

Playing in the Fountain

What a fun weekend, even though our baby girl was not feeling well.  We are so blessed to be surrounded by so many friends, family, and love!  Goodbye, June.  Let's see what July has in store for us!

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