Tuesday, July 31, 2012

All About Adeline

So we finally found out what has been plaguing Adeline since Memorial Day.  Two weeks ago we discovered it was pneumonia!  She took 10 days of Cefprozil and some prescription cough medicine and she's finally feeling better.  Praise Jesus!

Before she left to spend the week with her grandparents last week, we all went to Dickson Street for dinner and a little bit of culture.  Jon and Adeline had fun in the bent-wood sculptures.

Then that Saturday she was off to Texas with her grandmas.

They got her to poop in the potty, but she still won't do it for me.

She practiced some fine motor skills with Tiny.

I am really loving this age.  She keeps us laughing all the time.

I have hilarious conversations with her daily that I text to everyone or post on facebook.  I wish I was better at writing them all down.

Adeline: "Let me see you earrings, Mommy.  They so pretty!"
Me: "Do you want earrings?"
A: "No.  I too little.  Need to get bigger first."

A: Can I blow this & make noise? (a kazoo)
Me: No, not while Annabel is sleeping.
A: Why not?
Me:  You tell me why not.
A:  Get a spanking.

She was feeding Annabel the other day from her little baby food pouch thing.
"Annabel, be still you hands!  Look here at me!  You not done yet!  Mommy, Annabel can't like this one."  Then Annabel starts to eat it, "Good girl!  I so proud of you.  You eat you lunch like a big girl!"

She found a razorback tutu we'd bought for Lyla and wanted it on because she's a girl and loves tutus.  She starts to study it and looks at the razorbacks.  "Mommy, what's this?  A rah rah TCU pig? A piggy bank?"  Probably the only child in NWA who doesn't know what a razorback is.  Makes me proud!

Me:  It's time to get dressed.
A: I want a dress like a princess.
So we go put on a dress.  She then picks out a flower to go in her hair and runs to the living room.  I follow behind to see what she's doing.  She runs to the mirror and starts twirling around. 
A: Now I look like a princess!
By the way, she wants to wear a dress every single day.  She cries if I ask her to put on shorts.

She loves music and is constantly singing & making up songs.  It's music to my ears!  

She is loving the Olympics and spent all evening yesterday doing "gymnastics" and "swimming" all over the living room floor.

Every night before bath, after she takes off her clothes, she does a little dance.  She calls it her "naked dance."  This may or may not be inappropriate.  

We definitely have those "Terrible Twos" days, but for the most part, I am LOVING this age.  Adeline, thank you for making our days funny and lively.  We love you!

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