Saturday, July 7, 2012

Swimming Lessons: Take 2

Adeline completed her swimming lessons this week since she'd only gotten to go twice the first week before she got sick. 

It worked out better, though since Jon was off on Wednesday & Thursday because then we didn't have to pay a babysitter.  I took her on Wednesday and Jon took her on Thursday.

Then on Friday, her two grandmothers came to watch her graduate, and Annabel sat with them!

Annabel was pretty tired since it was during her morning nap-time.

She can't wait to swim next year!

Our little graduate!

Some things I want to remember about this year's swimming lessons:
  • She still does not like to jump in without holding our hands
  • She will remember to kick as long as we're telling her to
  • She can climb out of the pool like a pro
  • She laughs and keeps her mouth open the whole time rather than blowing bubbles
  • She will float on her back, but it's not her favorite.  She won't let go of our hands in order to put her arms straight out by her sides.
  • She's learned how to push off with her feet from the wall to shoot her further into the water
  • She got stung by a bee or some other stinging bug within the first 5 minutes of her lesson on Wednesday.  She cried for a minute, but was then fine.  This was the only time she cried during any of her lessons.
  • Her favorite part about every lesson was the cookie at the end!
I love that she loves the water and I think by the end of next summer she'll b swimming like a fish!

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