Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Various Happenings

Be prepared for a random conglomerate of our lives the past couple weeks.

Annabel learned how to talk on the phone.  She's also learned to pat her belly when you say, "Where's your belly?"  It's the cutest thing!

I caught a sweet sister moment on camera.  Adeline's been having a hard time sharing and being sweet since Annabel has become so mobile.

This cracks me up!  I guess we'll be keeping out all this patriotic stuff to wear through the Olympics.  USA!!

Saturday night we went to a surprise birthday party for Shannon.  I like how I'm the only one in my family smiling in this picture.  :)

Annabel played with her first balloon.  I love the look of sheer joy on her face in this picture.

It's impossible to get everyone smiling & looking at the camera.

Sunday after church we went to Charlie's birthday party.  It was carnival-themed.  Adeline enjoyed her first root beer and paper straw.  So much fun!

Adeline & Charlie

Monday we stayed home & played.  Adeline got to finger paint.

Then when Daddy got home, it was all fun & games.

Last night after dinner the girls rode around in their Jeep all over the front yard while Jon and I just sat back and watched and listened to all their happy sounds.  I said, "This is the life"  and I meant it.

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