Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December Days

Jon went on a weekend mission trip to Arkansas Baptist Children's Home with a couple other guys from our small group at the beginning of the month.  It's hard being a single mom for a whole weekend when I'm used to us spending that time as a family.  I tried to keep the girls busy so the time would pass more quickly.  Friday night the girls had FNO at church, and I went out to eat and did some shopping with the other girls whose husbands were with Jon.  What a fun girls' night!

Annabel learned how to use her shoulder to hold her phone.  

We baked cookies.  Annabel just threw a fit for the M&Ms, mostly.

Adeline slept with me to keep me company.

And we went to church on Sunday morning.

Jon got home on Sunday afternoon, and we went to the church at Pinnacle Hills to see the Christmas program we had missed the previous Sunday morning on our campus when we'd been working in the nursery.  We sat with the Hickses and our girls loved it!

Throughout last week we had some fun.  One morning I caught Annabel helping herself to a chocolate breakfast.

Then we finger-painted a canvas green.  I had plans to add something to it, but haven't gotten around to that, yet.

 I thought it was funny that when we were done, Annabel had one palm that had green paint on it.  Adeline had both hands, front and back, and legs covered in green paint.

I saw these toes peeking under my door one morning.

Then last Thursday Annabel was diagnosed with RSV and we spent the rest of the week inside, suctioning noses and administering breathing treatments.  I have been so scared of Annabel catching anything like this because she can't do regular breathing treatments like everyone else because of her heart.  Most inhalers make your heart race.  However, we found the kind she could take, and she's doing much better now.  Thankful for caring, knowledgeable doctors in our lives.

On Saturday, our elf, Dee brought us a gingerbread house to decorate.

That night our small group had our annual Christmas party.  We play Dirty Santa.  I kept getting all my good gifts taken away from me.  The last gift I opened was a LIVE MOUSE!  I screamed and ran to the bathroom, climbed up on the counter, and locked myself in.  I wouldn't come out until Jon removed the mouse from the premises.  Now everyone knows of my mouse phobia.  Hopefully that won't ever happen again.

Travis was the lucky winner of the ugly Christmas turtle neck.  He was such a good sport.

These December days are passing so quickly.  I hope you're enjoying them.  It'll be cold, long, depressing January before we know it.  Hah!  Does anybody else feel that way about January?  It's kind of my least favorite month.  God bless!

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