Tuesday, December 25, 2012

White Christmas

We've had five Christmas celebrations in the past two days.  Be prepared for lots of pictures...

Christmas number one started when Amber, Jason, and Lyla came over to play and exchange gifts.

Christmas Eve night we went to my grandma & grandpa's as usual.  I have three younger boy cousins there.  They were all cleaning their concealed handguns.  Epitome of a Texas get-together.  Made me want a gun.

I'm so glad we don't have stairs in our house.  I'd be a nervous wreck.  I could not keep Annabel off these.

Adeline is going through a phase where it's almost impossible to get her to pose for pictures.  Keep that in mind as you look through the rest of these.

This wagon my grandma got them is humongous.  They love it.

Last night my uncle texted and told us to go look at the moon.  It had a giant ring around it.  I'd never seen anything like it.  The picture doesn't really do it justice.  My uncle said the ring meant bad weather was coming.

Yesterday we made a homemade buttermilk Happy Birthday, Jesus cake.  Adeline helped us ice it last night.

This morning we opened gifts at my parents' house.

Then we went to my other grandmother's for lunch and more gift-opening.

Then we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and told the story of the cake.

I love these big, blue eyes.

The black layer is for our sin, the red is for Jesus' blood, the green is for our new life in him.  The white icing is for our sins being covered, and the candle is the light of the world.

Then we went over to Big T & Tiny's.  The weather progressively turned from pouring down rain, to heavy snow.

We opened gifts as soon as Shane, Juliet, and Murry got there.

And it's a good thing, because shortly after, the power went out....

We waited around for a while and ate dinner by candlelight, but then we packed all back up and came back to my parents where, as of now, power is still on.  Let's pray it stays that way!  What a beautiful white Christmas it ended up being.  Now I want it all to melt so we can make it safely home tomorrow. Please pray for that, too!

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