Friday, December 7, 2012

'Tis the Season

The season for so many fun activities!  First of all, Santa delivered our Elf on the Shelf last Saturday.  His name is Dee.

Then we met Uncle Shane at Crystal Bridges for a VIP, very quick tour.  Don't expect to leisurely enjoy art with two kids in tow.

That night we met the Davises at the square for Lights of the Ozarks.  Beautiful!

Sunday we went to church, then after naps we went to see Santa.

I figured Annabel would be ok with Santa.  It wasn't until Adeline was two that she freaked out.  And I thought that if she saw Adeline being ok with him, she would be too.  Boy was I wrong.  Adeline actually talked to Santa and told him she wanted a "princess kitty," but Annabel wanted nothing to do with him.  The picture on the far right is our picture from this year.  Santa is sneaky!

During the week Jon and I finally finished a project we started back in the summer.  A dress-up dresser for the girls.  It started out as a dilapidated red dresser I found at a store similar to Goodwill.  I love how it turned out.  And really all I did was buy it then put everything inside it.  Jon loves his girls.
 We hung tea hooks on one side for their necklaces and purses.

Adeline wants cheesy toast almost every morning for breakfast.  Annabel is a fan, too.  I love this messy-headed girl!

We spent Wednesday morning at home crafting.

We have this little stool in our kitchen that the girls can climb into and watch what's going on.  Annabel climbs in it a million times a day, but only ever makes it this far in climbing back out.  Imagine our frustration!

Last night Annabel screamed all through dinner and refused to eat.  Adeline ate all her food with no fuss.  She earned an Oreo after dinner.  Annabel got one too because she's the baby and she threw a fit for it.  I swore I'd never do things like that.  When am I ever going to learn that there's nothing like parenting to make you eat your words?!?
But look how happy that Oreo made her.  Totally worth the spoiling!

Today some girls in my MOPS group met at a friend's house and decorated Christmas cookies.  The girls loved it!

 Annabel didn't so much decorate as she did just eat a cookie.  :)

I love Christmastime!

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