Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Christmas Adam!

My favorite family that's not my own made up their own Christmas holiday many years ago.  Since I like to consider myself their 6th sibling, I claim the holiday as my own.  It's Christmas Adam, y'all!  (The day before Christmas Eve.)  

We got into Texas Friday evening.  Saturday, Jon and I got up early and headed to Texarkana for a day date.  We did some last minute shopping, ate lunch, and watched The Hobbit.  It was such a nice day.  The girls split up.  Adeline went to Happy & Nana's and Annabel stayed with Big T & Tiny.  

Adeline loves to ride around in the pasture in my dad's Bronco calling up coyotes with the coyote call.

Annabel delivered goodies to all the neighbors in her wagon at Big T's.

Our hometown has a big Christmas tree and blow-up decoration display downtown.  My parents said Adeline liked this blow-up nativity best.  I've never seen one of these before.

Last night we ate dinner with both our parents, then went over to my grandmother's to listen to the Christmas carolers.  Our hometown church's youth choir goes around town singing Christmas carols every year.  We loved it.

This morning we went to church.  The girls played in the nursery for a while, then Adeline went with us to big church because Big T was singing a duet.  I sure hope my girls inherit some of the Richey musical talent.

This afternoon we went to a local walking trail and threw rocks into a lake.  That was the girls' favorite part.

Then we went to the park to play.  Jon and I were cheesing it up a little.

We had a very merry Christmas Adam.  Did you?

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