Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cabin Fever

Jon went in to work this morning like a good employee, but 15 minutes after being there they shut the place down.  He was not very happy about not being informed of this earlier.  He made it all the way back to our neighborhood before his truck got stuck.  This was around 7:30am before many snow plows were out and about, and none ever come in the neighborhoods anyway.  He walked the rest of the way home in knee-deep snow.  He regrouped and went back out to try to get his truck home.  At the rate it was snowing he knew if he didn't get it home then it'd be there until Saturday and he didn't want to risk someone running into it.  A neighbor with a 4 wheeler helped him pull it home.
This is his truck when he got to work around 6:30am

All that being said, Jon doesn't do well being at home on a work day.  It just goes against everything in him.  He's cleared a little path for Tulip to do her business, he cleared snow out from around our gas meter, he filled up the bird feeder about twice, he walked the dogs around the block, and now he's out there clearing snow away from the garage door.  I decided to take a walk with him a short way down the street.  It didn't last long though because it's COLD out there!

 Tulip got locked in the laundry room so the snow could melt a little.  Adeline wasn't too happy about that.

Now we're snuggled up inside and plan to stay that way for a while.  

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  1. Adeline looks so long in the pics where she is looking under the door! She is growing up so quickly. Give her a hug from Nana today!
    Love you all!