Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Pictures

Jon ventured out yesterday afternoon & took some measurements of the snow....

It hasn't gotten above 20 degrees here today so it's all still there.  I have officially gotten a whole week off work, and the best part is, I'm getting PAID!

Adeline wouldn't nap this afternoon so I attributed that to cabin fever.  I decided it didn't matter how cold it was, we were getting outside.  We took a walk around the block and I couldn't get back inside fast enough!  The road around our neighborhood is a solid sheet of ice under about 5 inches of snow.  Jon said every other road is just about the same.  We were able to pull the sled around the whole neighborhood.

Sledding to the mailbox

I have loved these days at home with my girl, but I'm hoping it melts by this weekend so we can get out some.


  1. That's a lot of snow. Stay warm! I love you all!

  2. Such a cutie pie! Enjoyed reading your blog and reliving when my girls were little. I'm an Arkansas blogger too, just outside Rogers on Beaver Lake. Come over to Granny Mountain for a visit...