Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday & Monday

I have a few pics I need to get on here so I'll recap the last two days for you.  Yesterday was a typical Sunday.  We went to church, napped, and enjoyed family time.  After our nap I woke up in a cooking mood so I made some banana nut bread and a lot of veggies for Adeline.  She really wanted to see what was going on, so we let her sit on the countertop while I cooked.  She stayed out of trouble for the most part.

She also spent some time in Tulip's bed.  :)

Today I woke up to find this from my sweet hubby.  I told him on Friday that all I wanted was a cookie cake!  He did a great job!

Poor little Adeline had to go to her 15 month appointment today and get some shots.  Her stats are as follows:
  • Weight: 22lb, 3oz - 45%
  • Height: 32.75in - 95%
  • Head Circumference:  19in - 95%

I decided before we went that I was going to start the tradition of a sweet treat after shots.  She thoroughly enjoyed her strawberry banana smoothie and would only share a few sips with her momma. 
It was also around 60 degrees today so we took a walk/ride around the block.  It was so sunny she had to wear her shades.
 When Daddy got home we took another, longer walk then we cooked a delicious Valentine's meal.  Adeline got a package in the mail from her great-grandparents and spent the rest of the evening loving on her new teddy bear.

 I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day as much as I did!  I'm dreading work tomorrow since I've only worked one day the past TWO weeks.  I hope I can make it a full week (or a full 3 days).


  1. Well let's start with picture number 1, Adeline sitting on the "range". And you thought I was endangering her sitting her by the fireplace! Just kidding....I love it! It's surprising what we do at times to entertain and keep out of trouble, isn't it?
    Picture 3....Jon is a sweetheart!
    Picture 4....She's got that "Whittington look". That shot was not fun but Ace & a smoothie (what a sweet mommy) made it all better!
    Picture 5...Adorable!
    Picture 6 & 7....I love love love this sweet little Valentine girl!

  2. Ditto what Jill said...except, it's a STOVE. A range is a place where the deer and the antelope play. : )

    Did Adeline like her Valentine from the Storey's and Andrew Jackson? Love y'all! Tator Tot aka Jana