Saturday, February 19, 2011

So Much Fun!

The fun hasn't stopped all weekend at the Richey house.  Adeline and I started off our Friday with play group at Abby and Ava's house.

It is so fun to be in a house full of small children and watch how they interact and play, but it can also be very overwhelming!

Afterwards we took a nap and waited for Pappy & Nana to arrive.  We met them at the Catfish Hole for supper then headed home for some bowling & tug-of-war.

Today we hit the ground running.  My mom and I cleaned out and reorganized my dresser, armoire, and closet (with a little help from Adeline).
We did the majority of it during nap time of course.  :)

Before nap, though, we headed to Fayetteville for lunch and some play time at the park.  We all had a blast.  Adeline is growing up so fast!  She seemed like such a big kid out there playing.

 I had to show you how fearless she was.  She'd go right up to the slide & just dive down it head first!

 This scared me to death, but she absolutely loved it.  I would put her in it on her bottom, but somehow she'd come out on her stomach.  She slid down it I don't know how many times.

She got sufficiently dirty today.  

She did NOT want to leave the park, either.  She threw a major fit all the way to the car.  She then slept nearly 3 hours after we got home.  We went for another walk when she got up and played on another playground.  We were so happy to see nice weather today!  Pappy and Nana time is so much fun!

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