Sunday, November 13, 2011

Just a Few Pictures

I have a few pictures I wanted to get on here.  We haven't really been up to a lot this weekend except visiting our new cousin Murry, but we didn't get any pictures of that.  It's been nice to spend time doing nothing.  Jon let me take a 2 hour nap this afternoon and I feel like a new woman.

Annabel is such a smiley baby.  She smiles a lot more than Adeline did at this age.  But of course, when I get the camera, I can't catch one.  She even laughed for the first time on November 3rd at only 6 weeks old.  I thought it was just a fluke because I know it's way early for that, but we've gotten her to giggle a few more times over the weekend.  I even caught a bit of it on video.  Anyway, we took a few bath pictures the other night because she was smiling a lot, but as soon as I brought the camera in, she stopped.  

Adeline was doing her best to make her laugh, too...

And this is my "keeping it real" photo with stuff all over my bathroom and my hair a mess (this is what it usually looks like).  :)

Today we went to church and we dressed our girls in these cute matching fall outfits.
 Adeline & Annabel were having a tea party before our photo shoot.

We got a smile! (& look at those blue eyes!)

 I promise we don't tell Adeline to kiss her.  She is constantly kissing her.  She LOVES her baby sister.

My family makes me so happy!


  1. Precious precious girls! Love their pretty dresses too!