Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving + Extra

Once again, I'm way behind.  I never knew my life could be so busy!  Let's start where I left off last.

On Saturday, November 19, we celebrated Zach's birthday at Boingo Bounce.  My mom was in town so she stayed home with Annabel while Jon and I took Adeline to the party.

As always, she had a great time with all her friends, especially Westin & Cilla!

That night we put up our Christmas tree.  We let Adeline help with all the non-breakable ornaments.

For Thanksgiving we went to our hometown to celebrate with our families.  We had Thanksgiving dinner at my grandmother's.  Almost our whole family came in town, so we decided to get some pictures of us all together.

My 2 turkeys in the shirts I made them.

Adeline playing piano with her cousin Elizabeth.

All the great-grandkids.
Jayden, Adeline, Taylor, Annabel, Isaac, Makya, & Elizabeth

The grandkids.
Lindsey, Samantha, Amanda, Kelly, Mati, Jon, Kasey, Riki, & Brad (Dorothy not pictured)

The kids.
Tad, Dale, Audrey, Richard, John, Nadine, Jill, Debra, & Paula (Taylor not pictured)

The whole family! 

Pappy with his niece & granddaughter.

On Black Friday, my mom and my BFF Amanda went shopping, but not early with all the crazies.  I left both girls with my MIL, so we didn't shop long, but we still had a blast.  That evening we went to visit my other BFF Amber and her sweet girl Lyla, but I was bad and didn't get any pictures!

On Saturday one of my friends from high school had a baby shower.  I took both girls because my mom was going to be there to help..haha!

The best picture I got of the three of us.

Adeline ate lots of cake :)

High school besties.

That night we helped put up the tree at Jon's parents' house.

And during all that chaos, Annabel turned 2 months old and I was a terrible mom and did not take one picture of her that day or do a post.  I'm sick about it and now have an alarm on my phone to go off on the 19th of every month.

Our daily schedule:
  • 5am: meds & quick feed
  • 8am: up for the day & feeding
  • 10:30: feeding
  • 1pm: meds & feeding
  • 4pm: feeding
  • 6:30: feeding, followed by bath, meds, & bedtime
It is very difficult to get her to sleep during the day.  I think it's because we're on the go so much so it's hard to be consistent.  She still sleeps swaddled in the guest room in her Nap Nanny.  I'm too chicken to try putting them in the same room yet.  It takes about an hour to get her to fall asleep & stay asleep at night.  I nurse her in the dark until she calms down, then we take turns going in to put the pacifier in until she's all the way asleep.  She sleeps with white noise & a lullaby CD that Adeline listens to at naps and bedtime as well.  Annabel is such a happy baby.  She smiles and laughs all the time.  It amazes me how much she giggles.  She loves people.  She can be fussing and tired, but if you stop and talk to her then she gets so excited and grins from ear to ear.  She enriches our lives so much!  We love you so much, Annabel and I'm sorry for being a forgetful mom!

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  1. I love the BLOG except you forgot the part about coming to my house! How could you forget all the lovely singing and dancing?