Thursday, November 10, 2011

Murry Bell Richey

I got a new niece yesterday!  I'm so excited that Adeline and Annabel will grow up close to a cousin.

Jon's brother, Shane, and his wife Juliet gave birth to sweet little Murry Bell on November 9, 2011.

She weighed 6lbs 9oz & was 19.5in long.

I got a text from Shane yesterday morning at 5am telling me that Juliet's water had broken around 3:00 and they were at the hospital.  I went about my morning just waiting for more information.  Around 11 I got another text saying Juliet was going to start pushing at noon.  The girls and I headed up there because I wanted to be there when she was born.  However, by 1:00, still no Murry and my girls needed naps, etc so we went back home.  As soon as they woke up I rushed back up there and got a text as I was leaving telling me that Murry was positioned wrong and so now they were having to do a c-section. I got there right after they took her in to the nursery.  I was so glad I made it there almost in time.  :)

We stood outside the nursery watching for a long time, then got to see Juliet for a few minutes before we gave them some alone time and went out to dinner.  After dinner, we brought our girls home for bed.  We went back as soon as we could today and I finally got to get my hands on precious little Murry.

The happy grandparents with their 3 girls.

Adeline is so excited about her new baby cousin.  She can already say Murry and kept telling us today, "two babies!" and pointing at Annabel and Murry.  I'm so excited for all the fun we have in store!

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