Monday, December 19, 2011

3 Months

Annabel is 3 months old today!  It seems like the time goes even faster with the second child than the first.  I remember it seeming like it took forever to reach the magical 3 month mark when babies become less fussy and more predictable with Adeline, but these 3 months have flown by!

Annabel is such a happy baby.  She really only cries if she's hungry or tired and then is usually easily and quickly calmed once the problem is taken care of.  She laughs all the time, especially at her daddy.  He just has to look at her and she grins from ear to ear.  She has started "talking" a lot, too.  I love her sweet baby goos & coos.  They just warm my heart.  
Our schedule is pretty much the same:
  • 5am: meds & feeding
  • 8am: up for the day, feeding
  • 9am: morning nap
  • 10:30: feeding
  • 1pm: meds, feeding, then down for a nap
  • 3:30/4: feeding
  • 6:00pm: 2 ounces of pumped milk in a bottle
  • 7: feeding
  • 7:30: bath & meds
  • 8pm: bedtime with a bit of nursing for calming, but use paci to get to sleep
She is doing a lot better with her daytime naps, but she's still not really consistent.  Sometimes she'll sleep all the way to the next feeding, but other times she'll wake up within 45 minutes or so.  Nighttime has gotten less consistent than it was a month ago.  She's been on a spree of having to be woken up at 5 for meds for several nights in a row, then out of the blue she'll start waking at 2 or 3 & want to nurse.  It goes back and forth so I never know when I'll have to get up when I go to sleep at night..hah!

She still sleeps in the Nap Nanny in the guest room, but we plan to try the crib again in the new year.  We swaddle her, have a sound machine playing white noise, and the iPod with classical lullaby music that I play every time she goes to sleep (day or night).  We usually have to go in a couple times to give the paci before she falls asleep, sometimes more than a couple, occasionally less than that.  

She is still solely breastfed.  We will try rice cereal at four months.  She wears size 2 diapers and 3 month or 3-6 months clothes.  She can't quite straighten her legs all the way out in 3 month footed outfits.  She's going to be tall like her sister, I guess.  :)

She absolutely loves her sister and gets so excited when Adeline talks to her.  I hope they stay the best of friends forever.

I think that's about all that little miss Annabel is doing these days.  She brightens our days and adds so much love and happiness to our family.  We love you, Annabel Brynn!

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