Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Vacation

We went to our hometown in Texas for Christmas as usual.  It was a jam-packed weekend of fun and festivities.  I am one worn out momma.  I think I'll be recovering all week!

We got to Texas on Thursday and spent the night with Jon's parents.  My parents came over for dinner and we visited a while.

We spent Friday visiting a few others and Jon and I got our eyes checked.  I'm getting bifocals!  Oh my, I'm old!  That night went to eat with my aunt, uncle, & cousin.  Adeline calls my aunt Tater Tot.  It's so cute! We stayed the night on Friday with my parents.

Saturday morning one of my BFFs and her precious daughter, Lyla came to visit and exchange gifts.  This is the only picture I got!
Adeline would get right in Lyla's face & talk to her and tickle her.  Lyla thought it was hilarious!  We can't wait to see them again in January for Lyla's first birthday.

Then my mom and Adeline made a Happy Birthday Jesus cake.  What a cute & fun tradition.

After the cake was done we all sang happy birthday to Jesus and then ate some yummy cake.

That afternoon we went back to Jon's parents' to visit his aunt Janice.  Murry was there so we got a picture of the grands and their three matching granddaughters.

Murry & Annabel

We spent Christmas Eve at my grandparents', Pops & MiMi.  Adeline ate everything in sight then had a blast opening all her gifts.

Nana & Annabel

The grand & great-grand kids

We spent Saturday night at my parents' and had Christmas morning at their house.  Once again, Adeline LOVED opening presents.

She got lots of chapstick.  See it smeared on her face?  :)

Annabel watched while her sister opened her gifts for her.

Pappy with his granddaughters

For lunch we went to my other grandmother's, Ginga.  And once again, opened more gifts.

2 of my Loves

Kasey & Annabel

My uncle John showing Adeline how to use the view finder.

We went from there over to some of mine & Jon's high school friends' house (they're brother & sister).  This is Annabel with Emily.  We were majorettes together.  Her brother, Matt, is Jon's age.  He has a little girl named Abigail that is Adeline's age.  He and his wife are expecting a little boy in May.

Adeline & Abigail with Abigail's Nana

We celebrated Christmas night at Jon's parents' house with all his siblings.  I always love being with all of them.

Jon & his mommy

And ta-da!  Christmas is over!  We had such a great time with all our friends and family.  

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