Sunday, December 4, 2011

Our Christmas-y Weekend

We've had quite a busy weekend and it's been so much fun!  We started off Saturday morning with a Happy Birthday, Jesus breakfast and concert with Miss Patty Cake at our church.  Adeline and I went to this while Jon and Annabel stayed home.  

These three had so much fun dancing and singing.

It looks like Adeline is pushing Cilla, but I don't think she was.  :)

They had to be right up front where all the action was.

Singing "Jesus Loves Me"

Then we headed home for a quick wardrobe change into something warmer and to pick up Daddy & Annabel before heading to the Christmas Train!

We met the Davises there.

Enjoying the view

Annabel slept through the whole thing.

Best Friends

Then last night we went to eat with Shane, Juliet, & Murry.  I snapped this picture of Annabel before we left and she fell over right as I was taking the picture.  :)  This hat fit Adeline a lot better on her first Christmas.  I guess 2 months makes a big difference!

Today we braved the elements and went to church, but it was quite a disaster.  Adeline was hysterical when we tried to drop her off in the nursery so we took her in to church with us.  I told her as we were going in that she had to be still and quiet.  The quiet part was going well, but she was NOT still.  After about 10 minutes, Jon tried taking her to the nursery again.  This time she went without any protest because Jon took her to Westin's room where Shannon & Cody also happened to be volunteering.  After the service I went to feed Annabel in the nursing room.  About halfway through I could hear Adeline crying hysterically for Mommy & Daddy from across the hall and behind a closed door.  I quickly ran across the hall to see what was wrong.  Shannon & Cody had left to go to Sunday school and the workers had tried to move Adeline to her normal room.  Needless to say, we had to just go Sunday school for us.  As we were walking out she pointed to the sanctuary and said, "quiet, quiet" in between sobs.  She was telling me that she would be quiet just as long as she got to be with us.  That just broke my heart.  The rest of the day has been spent lounging around the house.  It is cold, wet, and nasty outside.

We did get a cute photo of the girls before church, though.  Aren't they precious in their coordinating outfits my MIL made?

And Jon took some cool pictures of the Christmas tree lights reflection on the floor...

And our finished tree...minus many more presents I need to buy/wrap!

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