Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dee & Other Christmas Happenings

Santa sent one of his scout elves to our house on December 1.  We named her Dee.

 Introducing Dee to Annabel
 After that first night Dee was off-limits and now every time Adeline talks about her she says, "not a toy."

Dee moved somewhere new every night, but I only photographed a few of her perches.

Dee got trapped in the candy jar with the last few M&Ms

Playing with the glo stick.

Hanging from the chandelier with a note about the gingerbread house she brought us to decorate.

Doing acrobatics with the tumbling Santas.

Dee even found Mommy's old Christmas piano music and set it out for us to play.

We've had a lot of fun with Dee and I expect even more fun next year!

This past Friday we just stayed home then went to eat at CFA that night.  Annabel is getting lots of tummy time in these days, but she is NOT a fan.

Adeline enjoys it when her sister is easily accessible, though.  :)

On Saturday we met the Davises on the square for dinner and Lights of the Ozarks.  Dinner was a madhouse so we were worn out by the time the light-viewing commenced.  We took one lap around the square then headed home.  But not without snapping a few pictures first!

Sunday we went to church then spent the rest of the day at home being lazy and baking.  My kind of day!

My girls are so cute in their matching Christmas outfits my MIL made!

These are the cookies Jon and I made for a few people and for our neighborhood party.  We had so much fun with them!

Yesterday Adeline had a Christmas party at KDO.

Annabel and I ran all over town finishing up last-minute Christmas shopping and having lunch with Shannon.  When we picked up Adeline, I took both girls to the doctor.  Annabel had to have 2 vaccines and Adeline had to have blood drawn for her food allergies.  It wasn't as terrible as I had expected.  Both girls were so good about their "owies" as Adeline calls them.

Jon and I made a big, very difficult decision to give our two golden retrievers away.  It's hard for me to even type, but I know it's what's best for them.  We never spent enough time with them and our yard just isn't big enough for them.  We found someone to take them both together.  He and his wife are retired.  They live in Eureka Springs on 40 acres and are letting Sunny & Hunter live in the house with them.  I know they're in a better place with people who can truly give them the attention and love they deserve, but we miss them terribly.  Yesterday was when the guy came to pick them up.  Jon and I were both very upset about it, but we feel like we made a good decision.  However, I wanted to do something fun to cheer him up, so I made him some "reinbeer."

After dinner we attended our 2nd annual neighborhood Christmas party.  Annabel was extremely fussy at the beginning but soon passed out in her daddy's arms while mom and sister got to visit with friends.  

This morning Annabel woke up with 100.7 temp and crying, crying, crying.  Adeline and I are both feeling crummy with low-grade fevers and coughing & runny noses.  I'm thinking Annabel has the same thing and it's not the vaccines causing the fever.  Anyway, Jon is going to stay home with us tomorrow to help out in hopes we can all get a full recovery before we head to Texas on Thursday.  He's such a good man!  And since he's doing that, tonight is Christmas Eve at our house and Santa will come to visit while we're all sleeping!  Yay!!

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