Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Exciting Lives

We lead exciting lives around here..haha.  At least it's exciting to me.  I have several pictures I wanted to document, so here goes.

This was the first time I'd seen Adeline try to color a specific thing rather than scribble on the whole page.  It made me so proud!

She got a fun sticker book for her birthday where you make faces.  We had a few eyes and mouths left over...

Monkey see, monkey do..  Feeding Ace his "nummies"

What's wrong with American kids these days...

Trying so hard to get that thumb in her mouth..

Tummy Time

I know it's early, but she loves sitting up, so we decided to go ahead & get the bumbo out.  This baby is so pretty!

Sister time on the activity mat

Adeline has recently become obsessed with "pillows" (marshmallows).  I found this fun Christmas tree activity to do.  You bite the mini marshmallows in half then stick them on the tree outline..looks like snow!

 She loved it, but I caught her eating all the ones off the paper as well.  :)

Then we played nativity scene obstacle course.  I thought it was a fun way to teach her the nativity characters.

Still trying to get that thumb...


Watching Charlie Brown Christmas

Cutie Patootie

I'm sure there all kinds of warnings against this.  I promise she wasn't stuck!

One of these days it's going to happen!

Sister playtime in Annabel's crib this morning.

Our lives may seem mundane to you, but I promise you I am NEVER bored and I enjoy every single minute!


  1. These are the days of our lives. Ha! Love these pictures and memories made everyday. That's one of the reasons I enjoy your blog :)
    I think Annabel is starting to look like Adeline. Maybe?

  2. Such sweet girls! I just love Adeline's big personality! She is so much fun! And Annabel..she is such a doll! Loved getting to hold her and visit with you a little this week! Let's do it more often!

  3. They look so much alike! Such a beautiful little family :)