Wednesday, September 8, 2010

10 Months Old & Lots of Personality

Adeline is 10 months old today!
What is she doing now?
  • Wearing 9-12 month clothes
  • Wearing size 2 shoes
  • Wearing size 3 diapers during the day & size 4 Extra Protection diapers at night
  • Still sleeping in her Halo sleepsack
  • Drinking about 2 ounces of juice a day...LOVES it & drinks it mixed with 2 ounces of water in less than 5 minutes
  • Eating well in spurts - some days she won't hardly eat any solids, some days she won't drink her bottles well for Anita (the nanny), some days she won't nurse well, other days she'll eat every bit of food you put in front of her
  • Loves to feed herself - if she can put it in her own mouth, she'll eat it without protest
  • Drinks water after every meal - from her sippy cup with the straw
  • Is offered her bottles from the sippy cup, but won't take more than a couple ounces at a time
  • Says "Momma" and "bye bye" with intention & appropriately
  • Babbles a lot - sometimes sounds like she's saying "Daddy"
  • Claps - Hallelujah!!
  • Can sign "more" and "all done" but just mimicking us, not using them appropriately or with understanding - it's still the cutest thing ever
  • Has started throwing fits - she arches her back, throws her head back, & screams; this is why we started the signs more consistently, she wants to communicate her wants/needs, but can't, so we're really pushing the signs for now
  • Stands more and more without holding onto anything
  • Cruises around furniture
  • Jumps and dances all the time
  • Understands some simple commands "come here" "give me that" "no"
  • Throws things and chases after them - this is her new favorite game; she'll find something that rolls or bounces well and throws it as far as she can then chases after it & throws it again
  • Tries to make Tulip play with her - will get Tulip's toy and if Tulip ignores her, she'll go wave the toy in her face to get her to play
  • Sleeping more inconsistently - will sometimes wake up at 6:30am & nap 30min to an hour shorter on each of her naps (this mostly seems to be on days when I'm working)
  • Still nursing or drinking breast milk bottles 5 times a day (every 3 hours) and eating solids 3-4 times a day
I'm going to start trying to wean this weekend. I'm going to start with one feeding (4:30pm) and see if she'll take a bottle (or sippy) from me. If so, then I'll do this all weekend and then next week at work, I just won't pump at that time. I have a feeling that she's going to transition to this very well. It's going to me that will be a basket case. I'll let you know how it goes. :)

I was talking to a friend at work who just recently had a baby and she was stressing about whether or not she's doing the right thing about getting her to sleep better and if she's holding her too much, etc. I told her that I was the same way and desperately wanted to make sure I was doing the right thing about not making her dependent on being held, rocked, or whatever to go to sleep, but that looking back on it, I wish I would have held her in my arms while she was sleeping more often. Now she thinks she's so independent and will hardly let us rock her to sleep. She wants to be stretched out in her own bed. The time that they're little cuddly babies passes so quickly. I can't believe that she's already almost a year old. Tonight I nursed her until she fell asleep, then I held her in my arms in the rocking chair and just kissed and whispered to her and God about how incredibly thankful I am for her.

I'll leave you with a few pictures of Little Miss Personality.
Although I miss the cuddly little infant stage, this stage is the MOST fun!


  1. aww so cute! You are soo good at tracking progress. He does and say things and then i read yours or other moms and I am like, oh is that something to mark or make note of! We hold Roman most nights to go to sleep, and might I just say it would be nice if he did it on his own! :) There are days he does it alone, and those are nice but I think no matter what you do you will wish they did the other more. SOO in other words, you cant go wrong!!

  2. This is great, she is doing SO well! I love it when an OT tracks progress.....always thorough and well described!!!

    I felt the same way about holding, rocking, etc...I was following the books and not my heart. you're so right-- It goes by way too fast and they want to be independent before you know it so enjoy it while you can. I snuggle with my guy every chance I get!

  3. Cute cute pictures!
    God has blessed you with a precious little girl and you are a great mom! Trust your instincts and enjoy every moment. She'll be grown before you know it.
    Love you both!