Saturday, September 4, 2010

September Saturday

September is my favorite month. College football starts, the weather gets cooler, my birthday and anniversary take place, and the month starts off with a long weekend. All my weekends are long these days, but I'm super excited that Jon is off on Monday.

We started off our long weekend by going on a date last night. Adeline had her first nighttime babysitter who wasn't a grandparent. A college girl from our hometown came and kept her. Catie did a fantastic job and Jon and I really enjoyed a night out. We ate, did a little shopping, watched a movie, and bought groceries (oh the excitement of parenthood). I meant to take a picture of Adeline and her first babysitter, but completely forgot. :(

This morning we woke up to 57 degree weather, so we took an early walk with the dogs.
And Adeline helped with some laundry
After Adeline's morning nap, we headed down to Fayetteville for Jon to trade in his bikes. He got a road bike more suitable to the hills in NWA. He's going to mount a child's seat on it and he and Adeline are going to start going for rides. For lunch, we packed a picnic and went to Gulley Park.
The weather was absolutely beautiful.

We all took long naps this afternoon, then we met Shane and Juliet at the Washington County Fair!
We saw some pigs
Some cows
And some rabbits (among many other livestock)
She enjoyed some juice while strolling
And her absolute favorite, the carousel. She threw a fit when it was over and she had to get off!

Now, Jon and I are watching TCU football.

And Adeline is sound asleep (in her bed, not in the car)

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  1. My sweet Adeline..she is growing up too fast! She will be running around in circles by the time I get to see her in October. Love y'all!!!