Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Lovies

Over the weekend, we broke one of my rules and started letting Adeline have lots of snugglies to sleep with. Usually, she sleeps with her head pushed up in the corner of her crib against the soft bumpers. Since she slept in the pack and play at Jon's parents' this weekend, I decided to put a big stuffed animal/pillow in there with her so she'd have something to snuggle up against. (You remember the disaster of the hotel room back in July.) I didn't want a repeat of a sleepless night, so I was willing to try anything. Anyway, it worked like a charm! She slept an hour longer than usual, and it was so cute seeing her all snuggled and comfy.

So I thought that was going to be it. She would just get to sleep with something like that when we were in a strange place and in the pack and play. I keep learning over and over that as a parent, you eat your words almost daily. Since her sleep sack was used in the carseat to keep her from sitting in puke on the way home, she didn't have it to nap in when we got home. She usually does NOT sleep without her sleep sack, so I piled her crib full of blankies and snugglies and sure enough, she slept like a charm. I had to wake her up! We decided to keep it going. Knock on wood, so far every nap or night time she's slept since I started putting things in her crib, she has had to be woken up. It could be that she's just finally not teething, or I like to think it's because she's just so comfy in her bed! A picture of all her snugglies:
On another note, she is really getting the hang of signing lately. Tonight all through dinner, she signed "more" over and over. We almost ran out of food to feed her, then she finally said "all done." Then after dinner, we were playing in the playroom and I started to clean everything up for bath time and I took a toy away from her. Instead of her throwing a fit like has been the case lately, she very calmly looked at me and signed "more." Of course, I gave her the toy back! I'm so proud of my smart girl!

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  1. The sleep is so much better with "lovies" no matter what the doctors say about them ;) My daughter has been sleeping with one since about 8 months (and is now 14 months) and sleeps anywhere from 12-16 hours a night. Amazing! :)