Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend of Birthdays

As you all know, my birthday was last Friday. Adeline and I travelled to New Boston early Friday morning so we could spend my birthday with my parents. Jon, Shane, and Juliet got there later that night.

The ride down wasn't bad. My mom got Adeline a DVD player for the car with her credit card points. We made it all the way to Waldron without the TV since that is Adeline's normal nap-time. We stopped in Waldron, filled up with gas, got me something to eat, then started back down the road. I gave Adeline her snack trap and sippy cup, turned on the movie and we were off. She did great! She ate and watched the video on repeat the rest of the way home. She only fussed a few times. Right as we were pulling up to my parents she began to get a little fussy because it was nap-time again. When I got her out of the car, my parents, and my aunt were all standing there. Adeline was being shy and kept burying her head in my chest. It was so cute! We got to visit some with Tater Tot, then it was time for Adeline to nap. Jon and Adeline got me a Kindle for my birthday, so I spent the afternoon reading. (I was supposed to get my haircut, but didn't make it in time)

That night, my parents threw me a birthday party with my grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles. We had a great time.
My beautiful birthday cake
With my cousin Spencer & grandpa
It was so humid outside..Adeline's hair got really curly
With another cousin, Kasey

I was really bad about taking pictures. There were lots more people there, but didn't get pictures. :(

The next morning, my mom made blueberry pancakes..yumm!
We stayed for Adeline's morning nap, then my parents fed her some yogurt for snack, and we left to go to Jon's parents'.
Adeline got some snuggle time in with her Tiny.

That night we celebrate mine and Karen's birthdays. Juliet made us each a cake! Karen's was coconut and mine was yellow with chocolate cream cheese icing..delicious!
During the opening of gifts, Adeline became very fussy, so Jon went ahead and started giving her her bath. Shortly after the bath started, she became absolutely hysterical. She NEVER cries in the bathtub. I ran upstairs to see what was going on. She reached for me then would not let me put her down. Anytime I tried to put her down to dry her off or put clothes on her, she lost it again. I was finally able to get her dressed and nursed and rocked her and she went to bed a full hour early and slept until 7:45 the next morning. I think she was just absolutely exhausted from traveling and being around so many people she's not that familiar with. She has never acted that clingy to me before and it worried me, but it also made me feel so loved!

Sunday, we left NB around 9am and headed home. (Shane & Juliet were coming later in my car.) We were scheduled to stop in Mena for lunch and some stretching, but about 20 miles south of Mena (in the middle of nowhere) Adeline started to get fussy. I decided to go ahead and give her her snack and water. Well, she was eating the snack and still fussing a little and she got choked. I leaned over into the backseat to make sure she was ok and she cried out then projectile vomited all over herself! It was disgusting! I screamed "She just puked EVERYWHERE" and Jon said, "Do I need to pull over?" "YES YES YES!!" So he whips over into the driveway of a house with a building in their yard with this painted on the side of it in huge letters: "WE'RE TOO POOR TO BE REPUBLICANS" I jump out of the car, and run to the backseat, then come to a screeching stop. Tears are streaming down Adeline's face and she is soaked with breakfast and snack and water and milk! It's so heartbreaking, but I don't know what to do. "What are we going to do?" I ask Jon, almost in tears myself. "Get her out of there" he says, calmly. So I proceed to pull my sad little baby out of the puke-covered carseat and hold her and sway her back and forth, all the while getting myself covered in vomit. My very with-it husband mans-up and goes into puke cleaning action. He drags out our trashbag filled with dirty laundry from the weekend and begins to try to soak up all the puke he can with our dirty clothes. Then he bags it all back up and finds Adeline's sleep sack for her to sit on since the carseat is still pretty much saturated. As I'm in the process of changing Adeline's clothes, the lady of the house comes riding down her driveway in her golfcart asking if we need any help. I told her, "Our daughter just threw up and we're cleaning it all up, but I think we've got it under control now. Sorry about parking in your driveway." What I wanted to say was, "YES, please let us use your washing machine" or "Can you bring us some wet towels?" She tells us not to worry about being in her driveway and to take our time, then she returns to her house. After the carseat and Adeline are as clean as we could get them, I begin to assess the damage on myself. My shirt is covered in puke, so I have to dig through my bag for a clean shirt. Then I proceed to stand in between the back and front doors and strip down (just like they do in movies). Did I mention it's about 55 degrees during all this? Anyway, we finally get back on our way to Mena. After a few miles, we were able to laugh at the catastrophe and Jon says, "If that lady hadn't been so nice, I would have said, 'No we don't need your help; we're Republicans, we're self-sufficient.'"

All in all, I had a great birthday and I felt very loved. I ended up receiving 4 birthday cakes! My work got me a cake from Rick's, my parents got me the beautiful cake you see above AND an ice cream cake, and Juliet made me one! I think I'm caked out for a while. :)

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  1. OH MY GOSH! I have had a similar experience only I was by myself! Bless her heart! Happy late birthday to you!