Monday, September 13, 2010

Quiet, Crafty Weekend

This weekend we didn't have anything major planned. I spent some time doing some craft projects (yes, me). One of them is a secret until her birthday invitations are out, but I'll give you a sneak peek.
The other is an idea I got from this blog for Adeline's playroom. I think it turned out well!
Friday night we went out to eat and did a little shopping, then came home and got ready for bed. Adeline is always so hyper and happy right after her bath. She's showing out in her new PJs from her Tater Tot.
Saturday morning we lounged around the house. We recently moved the elliptical into our bedroom and Adeline is fascinated with it.
Tulip taking a nap
Saturday night, Jarrod came over and we cooked fajitas. Adeline loves her Uncle Jarrod.
Sunday evening, I decided to try some thinned creamy peanut butter with Adeline. My book said it was ok, so I gave it a shot. I mixed it with water then spread a very thin layer over a piece of toast. She loved it, but she got a fat lip. :( I think she may have had a cut on her lip from biting it and the PB got in there and made it swell because it wasn't her whole mouth and there weren't any other symptoms. I'm still going to wait a while until I try it again though.
It looks like she's saying "put more right here"
Now I'm enjoying my Monday with my girl!