Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bowling & Stepping

Tonight our connection group met up at a local bowling alley. We took the 3 teenage boys we've been taking to church with us and we all had a great time. I didn't get many pictures because I was busy holding babies and losing. :)
Yes, we ate every slice
During all the chaos of fussy babies and babies being passed around from person to person, I just took a moment to drink it all in. These are the days we'll cherish forever. When our kids are young and we're all learning how to be parents together. I am so thankful to be a part of a group of Christian people whose kids Adeline will grow up with and whose company we'll hopefully enjoy for many years.

When we got home, Adeline tried to take a few steps. She found this giraffe in the bottom of her closet today and has decided it's her new favorite toy. She took 1 or 2 little steps toward it, but always immediately sat down afterwards. I got a little bit on video, but it was getting late and she was getting tired. I promise she wasn't hurt at the end.


  1. Well yes that is he favorite toy because her Auntie Am got her that :) She is growing up so the time I get to see her she will be running around every where. Glad ya'll had a great weekend. Love you!

  2. SO CUTE!! Roman sits down immediately when I let go of his hands, but he goes so fast when my hands are in his and I hardly do anything! Even when I let go of one he freaks out about it and sits.