Friday, September 17, 2010


What has been going on in the Richey house this past week? Well, I'll show you.

On Monday, Adeline ate some blueberry yogurt for the first time
And she learned how to use her phone
On Tuesday she woke up with some crazy bed-head so Mommy had to snap a picture before work.
She also threw a couple fits with Daddy that afternoon
Wednesday she played and played.
Thursday Daddy went to the Delta Waterfowl Banquet, while Adeline and Mommy had dinner with a friend from work. (no pictures)

Friday morning she had a snack while Mommy showered and got ready (we're doing snacks at 10:30 now instead of's going very well)
We went to visit Jennifer & Jillian (no pictures)

Mommy made lots of baby food while Adeline napped.
We went to Uncle Shane's & Aunt Juliet's for dinner.
While there, not only did Adeline swing in a hammock for the first time, but she also encountered her very first step. They have one step down from their living room to the study/sewing room. It's less than a foot high and it's all carpeted, so I just let her figure it out. The first time, she went down it like a pro. She crawled up to it, then turned around and lowered herself down backwards. The second time, she went at it full force and rolled off. It didn't bother her though!

Tomorrow I have to work at the hospital (boo), but we have a fun evening planned!

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  1. You are awesome for making her baby food! How much does she eat food and how often? So I know you were doing I think 5 nursings a day. Roman eats real food three times a day at set times for the most part then there is another time in there most days between lunch and dinner. He can eat so much food! Sometimes he gets mad at me when his jar is empty sometimes he doesnt seem to care. What about you? What do you do and do you vary from that often?