Monday, November 24, 2014

Celebrating Adeline's Birthday at School

Adeline's birthday was on a Saturday this year, so I wanted to send a little something to school with her on that Friday before so she could celebrate in class.  After I'd ordered the cookies, I found out that they just do one celebration per month for all the birthdays that month.  Oops!  However, there was only one other November birthday in her class, and his mom was super sweet and was able to bring some juice boxes and donuts for the kids, since it was too late for me to change the pink & purple cookie order.

Tiny made her a birthday spirit shirt to wear that Friday and I'd found these cute cupcake leggings a while back.  Perfect!

I'm so glad she got to celebrate with her friend, Beckham.  Her teacher had told me a while back that she and Beckham were the best of friends.

Beckham's mom even sent candles for them.

Then a week or so after her birthday, the school celebrated all the November birthdays during chapel that morning.  Her teacher sent me this picture.

I'm so thankful for sweet teachers and sweet friends and a great school!

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