Sunday, November 9, 2014

September 19, 2014 - Annabel's 3rd Birthday

I like to do birthdays big.  I think they're extra special.  I try to make the actual day just as fun as the party.

We've had balloons waiting in the hallway for when the girls wake up on their birthdays since Adeline turned two.  I guess they expect it now, because Jon and I heard them from in their room that morning and Adeline said, "It's your birthday!  Let's go out & see your balloons!"

Jon had worked the night before training the night shift guys on something, so he got to spend the whole day with us that day.  Poor guy, though, no sleeping in for him.  After he had donuts with Adeline, he came home and we opened presents with Annabel.

She got a book, an Elsa nightgown, and a Lego Duplo Cinderella castle.

And of course, her awesome Daddy built it with her while I took a shower.

We had a rehearsal and dinner that night for a wedding she & Adeline were going to be in, so we let her pick lunch.  She requested pizza.

After lunch, Jon took Whitt home to nap and I took Annabel to Build-a-Bear.  She chose Teacup, Princess Belle's palace pet.

Then we went to the cookie place and she chose a pink, sprinkle, sugar cookie.

We picked up Adeline early from school and headed to Mt. Magazine for the wedding.  My parents met us there, and brought a cake and these fun party toys.

Then it was time for wedding rehearsal, etc.  That post coming up next!  

We had such a fun day, celebrating you, Annabel.  You bring so much laughter and silliness to our lives.  We wish we could bottle up the joy you bring us.

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