Monday, November 10, 2014

Whitt - 5 Months

Whitt turned 5 months old in October.  I'm not sure his stats were from that month, but he was right around 16 pounds and 28 inches tall.  

In October he started army crawling, which completely caught me off guard.  He also drug out the teething process and is still struggling with it now.  He's not such a great sleeper.  He wakes up at least once in the night, which just has me completely confused since he was sleeping eleven hours straight for about 2 months at one point.  Now he has no interest in that.  Hah!

He started wearing size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes, I think.  It's hard to remember.  I blame it on the lack of sleep.  

Beyond all that, though, he really makes my heart overflow with love and joy.  He loves his momma and lights up every time he sees me.  He thinks Daddy is hilarious and wants his sisters to entertain him constantly.

He thinks peek-a-boo is the best thing ever, besides being fed or held.  

I started feeding him veggies and fruits during October because I thought maybe he was hungry.  It didn't change the sleeping issues, but he does love to eat.  I haven't found anything other than sweet peas that he doesn't care for.  He doesn't even make faces like anything surprises him.  He just gobbles it all up.

And because sleeping babies are the happiest babies, I had to include this picture.  

 We love you, Whitt!  Thank you for always keeping us on our toes!

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