Sunday, November 9, 2014


Not a lot to report about the middle of September, but of course I do have a few pictures between Annabel's party and her actual birthday.

Annabel got a fun little greenhouse for her birthday and Jon and the girls had fun getting it all planted.

Annabel wants us to put all temporary tattoos on her forehead these days.  Cracks me up!

We were running late to dance and I had to feed Whitt, so Adeline helped get Annabel dressed.  So sweet!

This little one had her three year well-child check-up.  She weighed 29.8lbs & was 37 inches tall - 50% for both!

Whitt found his feet in September....

And went through a rough, no napping or sleeping phase.

And always wanting to be held phase.

He found his bumpers and started making me panic about suffocation, just like his sisters did.

And he decided that running errands with Mommy wasn't so bad after all.

On the Friday of Annabel's birthday, Adeline's school had Donuts with Dad.  Jon got to take her to school that morning and eat breakfast with her.  She was ecstatic.  She just didn't understand why he had to leave afterwards.

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