Monday, November 24, 2014

Happy Birthday to Adeline!

I cannot believe I have a FIVE year old!  Seriously.  How did that happen?

Five is such a fun age.  I'm really loving it.  She's so grown up, but still loves her momma and wants to be cuddled and snuggled.  

We greeted her that morning with the usual birthday balloons, of course.

She was a little embarrassed to be sung to first thing in the morning.

Then, we immediately opened presents, because it was a Saturday so Daddy was home!

Annabel got her a Frozen book with little plastic figurines to play with.

Mommy & Daddy got her the full Sleeping Beauty cast of Barbie dolls.

And an Elsa dress-up/nightgown.

Then it was time for her birthday party, but that's a separate post....

That night, Shane, Juliet, Murry, Tiny, Big T, Nana, & Happy all came over for dinner.  Adeline had requested lasagna, so I made two since everyone was in town for her party.

Aunt Juliet helped her color a puzzle that her teacher had given her.

Posing with her birthday supper.

And we sang again and blew out a candle again, of course!

Annabel, Murry, and Adeline changed dress-up clothes a hundred times throughout the evening.

And we also sang to Murry, because her birthday is the day after Adeline's.  It was such a fun time with family.

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