Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More October

The looong week of Squirrel Camp was finally over and we were all so excited to be back together as a family of five.

We ran some errands the evening Jon and Annabel got home and the girls just giggled and played the whole time.  Music to my ears!  Here, Adeline is pretending Annabel's foot is a phone.

The next afternoon we went to the pumpkin patch.  I didn't want an October to pass us by without a trip there.  However, it was absolutely blazing HOT!  My kids enjoyed it, even though I was sweating the entire time.

Can you tell it was 5,000 degrees outside?

And this little cutie just cracks me up.  I love her style.

My parents bought me a porch swing for my birthday, but it wasn't in yet when they came up for my birthday.  Jon brought it back with him and hung it on our back porch.  I love it!  Whitt's a fan, too.

We don't do much of anything on Mondays or Tuesdays.  We like to spend those days in our pjs and doing things like making messes  crafting.

Whitt got moved up to a convertible car seat, so we bought Adeline a new booster seat.  Now Annabel sits in the middle.  She likes to hold Whitt's hand.

Adeline likes to play "Mrs. Kalee's Wedding" ever since she was a flower girl.  So sweet!

And...it finally got cold here.  I was so ready for it!

Whitt thought it was funny to blow raspberries into the spoon one day.  He's pretty darn cute, even with carrots splattered all over his face.

And all three of my kids loved their bumpers.  It about gives me panic attacks, but how can you take something away that they love so much?

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