Monday, November 24, 2014

Early November

November has been a busy month, so I'm going to break it up into several posts.

Whitt should never ever feel like he's unloved.  Someone is in his face at all times.  I love how much they love him.

I told her she better hold him as much as she can now because it won't be long before he's bigger than her.

We've spent several days at home just looking at books and crafting.

And we worked on Adeline writing her letter "N"s the correct way.

We did some back porch swinging.

Whitt got himself stuck under the ottoman.  He was ticked off, but of course I took a picture first.

Adeline is at such a fun age of wanting to color, draw, play school all the time.  I can't believe how much she's grown up just in the past few months!

One of the saddest, most exhausting things since I became a mom happened this month.  Whitt got horrible diarrhea, which went right along with HORRIBLE diaper rash.  I'm talking, raw, bleeding, holes in his poor little bottom.  I got so much advice from so many people, but the thing that ended up working was coconut oil.  Virgin, organic coconut oil.  Not even kidding.  Once I started using it, I could tell improvement at every single diaper change.  It was quite miraculous.  I'd tried so many other things.  I tried expensive diaper creams, creams from a compounding pharmacy, prescription creams, keeping him naked and letting it air out...the list goes on and on.  My washing machine never stopped running for over a week.  I'm telling you, I felt completely helpless.  Thank the good Lord, for coconut oil!

Poor little guy took so many baths, because it hurt for me to wipe him, even with a wash cloth.  So I'd just rinse him off in the tub almost every time he pooped...which was about ten times a day.

And here are my girls, grazing for food just ten minutes after eating breakfast.  I seriously need a lock on my fridge and my pantry.

Soaking his poor bottom in the sink.

Pitiful little face.  He was quite miserable.

But he got lots of loving from everyone here.

One morning it was around 20 degrees and I had to wake Annabel up to take Adeline to school.  She was not excited about getting out in the cold weather, but at least she got to wear this cute hat her Tiny made.

And Annabel has become completely obsessed with puzzles.  She can work a 48 piece jigsaw puzzle completely by herself.  And if you try to help her, she pushes your hand away or takes apart the pieces you did.

Whitt thinks it's funny to ride on his daddy's shoulders, and even funnier to chase Tulip around the house.

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