Sunday, November 9, 2014

Two More Birthdays (& some other stuff)

This is how we ended the rest of September....

Whitt started his long journey of trying to get in his two bottom teeth, and Annabel was her usual dramatic self.

Whitt also decided that four months old was plenty big enough to sit up on his own.  Good grief!

We enjoyed a few beautiful days outside.

Adeline decided we needed to decorate our front porch for Fall, so we worked on that one afternoon.

Then it was my birthday!  Jon took the girls shopping for me at Francesca's and this is what they picked out.  Love!

My parents came in town to celebrate my birthday with me and to attend Grandparent's Day at Adeline's school.  The afternoon of my birthday, we went swimming at my parents' hotel's indoor pool.

Then we came back to our house, got Chuy's takeout and enjoyed some delicious homemade strawberry birthday cake from my sweet mommy!  This picture sums up life at 31 years old for me.  I love it!

We went out for breakfast the next day after we dropped off Adeline at school and before Annabel's school started.

And my parents got to pick up Annabel from school and take her out for ice cream afterwards.

Then that night, my parents kept all three babies so Jon and I could have a date night.  So thankful for that!

The next morning was Adeline's Grandparent Day program and my parents got to meet her teacher, Mrs. Ruble.

Adeline was so excited to match her Nana.

Right after the program, we all loaded up and headed for Texas to celebrate Tiny's birthday with her.

We sent our chattiest child with my parents, but of course she slept for them!

We made it to Tiny's!

And I had to take this picture of my third baby to sleep in the same bed and bedding that I slept in as a baby.

We went to visit my grandma the next day.

And my cousin, Amanda.

And we played outside at Nana & Happy's a lot.

Then it was time for Tiny's big birthday bash!

Their first cans of carbonated soda.  I don't even know what it was.  Some kind of fancy, flavored, carbonated, hippy water...haha!

 Love this cake!

Whitt tried his hardest to get a drink of Tiny's tea.

My precious niece, Murry Bell.

And back home to Arkansas to finish out the month.  Whitt is a big fan of the swing.

And this giant balloon is one of the many prizes Adeline earned from selling cookie dough at school. We had so much fun with this one evening, until it popped.

Whew, September is always packed full of busy-ness and fun!

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