Monday, December 20, 2010


Adeline and I have had our typical Monday.  We started off with a trip to the dermatologist then the grocery store.  While waiting to fill her prescription, she proceeded to through the BIGGEST tantrum I've seen yet.  I made the mistake of letting her get out of the cart while we waited and walk around.  Well when it was time to go, she did not want to be picked back up.  She screamed, or squealed, and cried, and flailed, and bucked, but I held on and didn't give in.  I wanted so bad to just put her down & let her have her way, but I knew better.  She screamed all the way out to the car and tried her hardest to not let me buckle her in the carseat, but again, I won.  :)

This weekend my parents gave me my Christmas gift early..a new iPhone 4!  I absolutely love it.  I've been playing with the camera on it all day.
 Before her major meltdown

 She likes Tulip's bed
Reading while we fixed dinner

She learned to stack today.  I'm really trying hard to let her guide our playtime and not turn everything into an OT session.  I let her pick what to play with then I try to teach her things about them, etc.  She was consistently stacking 3 blocks, but of course couldn't quite get that third one once I got out the camera...

She makes me so proud!

I think she might have a virus, though.  She threw up four times yesterday and once again tonight.  She hasn't had much of an appetite the past 2 days either and that's not like her at all.  I sure hope she's better by Christmas!

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  1. I hope she feel better soon and you stay sickness free. The stomach bug is making its rounds through our house and it is no fun:(

    However, I am glad to know I am not the only Mom with a child who throws fits like that. My son threw one at work with me the other day when I made him do something he did not want to do and I just wnated to cry or give in, but stood my ground. How do you teach a one year old boundaries and rules without melt downs??